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Sunglasses and UV Radiation

Many people wear sunglasses to be fashionable but when buying sunglasses, one should also consider protection from the sun. UV radiation in sunlight causes sunburns to the skin and eye damage. There are three types of UV radiation: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC is of little concern since it is absorbed by the upper […]

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Macular Degeneration & Time Domain OCT

Macular degeneration has two types of presentation. In the dry type, the tissue of the macula atrophies or becomes thin and stops functioning properly. Dry macular degeneration is thought to occur as part of the aging process for some people. There is no medical treatment for this slowly progressive condition. The Age Related Macular Degeneration Study […]

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Sports Related & Sporty Eyewear

With the increasing requests for sport eyewear, manufacturers have put aside additional capital for the testing of sport specific products, together in the industry and out in the field. The result has been product enhancements specifically addressing the concerns of athletes. Eyewear manufacturers are able to reproduce circumstances such as wind, rain, cold and heat to […]

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Sports Glasses

Being an avid hunter myself, I appreciate the eyewear needs of other sports enthusiasts. Whether you work outdoors for your living or are the occasional weekend golfer, proper eye protection is critical. With 300 days of sunshine per year, the great outdoors beckons Colorado residents. Hunting, fishing, biking, tennis, golf, water and snow skiing […]

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Sleeping Your Way to Clear Vision

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) allows you to sleep your way to good vision with Paragon CRT nightwear therapeutic lenses.  This is a safe, non-surgical way to correct your vision without daytime glasses or contact lenses.

Corneal Refractive Therapy gently reshapes the cornea while you sleep and temporarily corrects myopia and mild to moderate astigmatism.  You awake to […]

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Polarized Lenses

Yes! In our ever-changing Colorado climate, we need all the advantages we can get! Think about all the glare coming off wet roads after a rain storm. Or the sharp glaring light reflected off a fresh layer of snow. Not to mention those of us who commute into the sun in the morning AND […]

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About Glaucoma

The American Optometric Association in collaboration with Pfizer is embarking on a “Glaucoma Patient Education Awareness Campaign” to help educate the American public, especially those at high risk for glaucoma. Glaucoma quietly and gradually diminishes sight which greatly reduces the quality of life for these Americans who suffer from this disease. This “thief of […]

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Dry Eyes, a Colorado dilemma?

It has been said that Colorado is the dry eye capital of the United States due to our high altitude and extremely low humidity throughout the year. In the Denver area, this dry eye climate is further exacerbated by increasing levels of smog and air pollutants in general. Statistics show that at least 10% of the […]

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Children’s Self-Perceptions Improve with Contacts

A recent 3-year study found that children’s self-perceptions significantly improve with wearing contact lenses.  Researchers found that 8 to 11 year olds felt more accepted by peers and felt a better ability to play sports.  In addition, the youngsters felt better about their physical appearance as compared to glasses.

Many parents inquire about what is an […]

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Children and Myopia

Children and Myopia – There is a good reason for kids to go play outside.
A recent study published shows that myopia (nearsightedness) not only has a genetic component, but also an environmental one. Several studies examining myopia in large populations were analyzed. They report children who spend more time outdoors have less risk of developing myopia.

The critical […]

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